MP Al-Jaf to Ashraf News: supporting the MKO terrorist organization has political reasons

2016/07/29 02:07

MP from the Kurdistan Alliance, Vice Chairman of the Committee of Experts in charge of selecting the members of the UN High Commission for Human Rights, Ashwaq Al-Jaf, considered the support for the terrorist Organization of Iran (PMOI) has clear reasons and political objectives.

MP Al-Jaf told the reporter of Ashraf News, The Kurdish people were the first victims of the MEK Iranian terrorist organization's crimes in Iraq during the killings waged by the defunct regime of Saddam Hussein against the Kurds. Al-Jaf stressed that the history of the MKO terrorist organization is full of bombings and assassinations inside Iran and abroad, adding that writing it off from the American and Western countries' terrorism lists several years ago was for clear political purposes; keeping up the pressure on Iran. She wondered, Why do American and Western outlook have changed towards the MEK terrorist Organization of Iran, which was several years ago, a terrorist group, did the behavior of this organization change? The member of the Kurdistan Alliance confirmed that Iraq is determined about its decision to expel the members of the MEK terrorist organization from the country in order to get rid of this group which became driven by hands out of Iraq, including Saudi Arabia which reports indicate that it has funded the MEK conference held last week in the French capital Paris.

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