That's what the Saudi-backed MKO terrorist organization did in Iraq and Kuwait

2016/07/29 02:07

By Provocation, and the presence of Bahraini parliamentarians, the former director of Saudi intelligence Turki al-Faisal participated in the PMOI gathering in Paris.

He stressed that his goal is the same goal as of the organization: I also want to overthrow the regime. What is the MEK, which Saudi Arabia did not hesitate to declare its support and participation of its dream to topple the Iranian regime? What is the intellectual and political, moral and dynamic approach of this organization? Perhaps the best of those who than telling us the secrets of this organization are its members or dissidents. In the nineties of the last century, the second leader in the organization defected from the MKO, after it had been involved in participating in the invasion of Kuwait and the suppression of Iraqi Kurds in the popular uprising that sought to topple the former regime of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. Karim Haqqi Muni, the director of the Central Committee, the second leader after the head of the Organization Massoud Rajavi, revealed after years of Al-Hayat Saudi newspaper the crimes carried out by the organization in Kuwait. Haqqi Muni describes the Organization's conditions during the invasion of Kuwait saying it had witnessed three different conditions based on President Rajavi's expectations, Rajavi changed his position on the occupation of Kuwait three times, first in terms of sympathy with Iraq at its peak.. we used to rush after the start of the air war to capture the American pilots likely the fall of their planes near us. Twenty days after the air raids on Iraq, his tone changed and began to hint to negative criticism. His officials and others also described Saddam as crazy. At this stage Rajavi was convinced that Saddam was losing the war, and began to prepare the Organization for the climate of the post-Saddam Iraq. But he returned to Saddam's row after the war had ended, the smoke of major battles cleared, cease-fire and the withdrawal of the Iraqi army from Kuwait. At this stage, He began direct military cooperation with the Iraqi army to stop the advance of the popular uprising around Baghdad, cutting the road on the Kurds to prevent them from progress towards the plains leading to the capital. We can understand the policy of this organization and its ethics through the strategy of using it during the invasion of Kuwait. Its leaders called it Tgar strategy. Tgar means milk goatskin. According to them, Kuwait is such as a goatskin filled with milk but it has holes from which the milk flows, and we have to get a share of it, says Muni. This may summarize what drives this organization; what it can get from milk share. It does not mind if the milk belonged to someone or stolen, it does not mind putting its hands in the hand of aggressors, it does not care if the milk belonged to its neighbor, it friend or its enemy, the important thing is the share it can obtain from it. According to Haqqi, a dissidence emerged in the ranks of the organization when a group of them rejected the logic of Tgar, but remained besieged minority by the voices of others. Rajavi had sent troops from the MKO to Kuwait to participate in the looting of what can be looted. Mooney asserts that the MKO members who stormed Kuwait had brought with them to the organization's bases in Baquba and Abu Ghraib machines, refrigerators, and food. He adds, At the time, the daily food supply inclded Western products exported to Kuwait, which were unavailable in Iraq before the occupation. The minority who refused, remained isolated and characterized as comprising activists with experience since the days of the Shah, for that they found in Tgar strategy, something unethical. MKO involvement in the suppression of the Kurds Not only did the terrorist organization of Khalq commit crimes in Kuwait, but was also plunged in Iraq's internal war and strongly contributed to carrying out massacres against civilians, in support of Saddam's regime. Rajavi explained the events and developments expected in light of Iraq's defeat as a direct threat to the existence of the organization which had focused the majority of its military and political body in Iraq. Haqqi Muni recalls the speeches of Maryam Rajavi those days, saying to the fighters to stop the advance of the popular uprising in March 1991, we must crush the Kurds, and for this they used tanks and kept their bullets for the Revolutionary Guards. Sheikh Atta Talabani, an independent and well-known Kurdish figure, the brother of former minister of the Communist Makram Talabani, revealed details confirming the organization's involvement in the massacres against civilians in Kurdistan. He said in response to the denial of People's Mujahedeen, They attacked the civilian cars that was heading to transfer Iraqi soldiers who had surrendered and wanted to return to their homes across the rural areas north of the country. Mohammad Reza Eskandari, who chose to live in the Netherlands after defecting from the organization, confirms that part of its forces was in the axis Sulaiman Bek, where there had been massacres against civilians, there was an old train station we gathered at. There, we attacked the Kurds from three sides using weapons of armored vehicles and tanks. I counted 18 dead Kurds. They wore poor clothes and plastic shoes and the most militarized of them was carrying an AK-47 rifle, not carrying any other weapon. Eskandari continues, We buried them where we found them in mass graves, some of which included five dead people and others four, and so on. He asserts that the PMOI handed over all of those whose identity indicated his being a Kurdish to Iraqi army and intelligence services. This is the moral and political approach followed by the organization which is publicly supported by Saudi Arabia today. It is an organization that is satisfied with a share of a goatskin of milk to sell its honor, humanity and sacrifices all the norms, ethics, principles and commits massacres against civilians in support of licentious regime. And how today, after Saudi Arabia promised it publicly to provide it with large goatskins filled with milk and oil, as it uses to hit its arch-enemy (Iran).

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