-the refusal of America and Europe to receive the MKO members is humiliating to them

2016/09/24 10:09

The Head of the Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy in the Iranian parliament Alaeddin Boroujerdi, considered Saturday, that the refusal of the United States and European countries of receiving the MKO terrorist organization's members is a historic humiliation for this organization.

Boroujerdi Said in a statement followed by Ashraf News, concerning the departure of the last batch of the MKO from Camp Liberty in Baghdad, The MKO terrorist organization is a disgrace in the bosom of Iraq, but the Iraqi government and Iraqi revolutionary people were able to remove this bad stain, in a reference to the MKO terrorist organization. The Iranian official stressed that the MKO group has committed numerous crimes against the Iranian people; killed about 17 thousand people. Boroujerdi said that The MEK terrorist organization committed, in cooperation with the United States, brutal crimes against the Iraqi people and many Iraqis were killed at the hands of this organization, stressing that the expulsion of this organization is a humiliation and contempt for the MKO terrorist organization. The chairman of the Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy in the Iranian parliament, said that the MEK believed that transferring it from Camp Ashraf to Liberty in Baghdad would perpetuate its stay in Iraq, but in the end the Iraqi government and its people decided to expel it. With regard to the transfer of the MKO members to Albania, Boroujerdi said that Albania suffers from the problems of weak economy, but America made efforts to transfer them to Albania to put them under its umbrella.

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