Iraqi MP to Ashraf News: the expulsion of the MKO is a victory for the Government

2016/10/01 12:10

The member of the Parliament, Chairperson of the Education Committee, MP Sajida Mohammad Yunus, confirmed Saturday, that the expulsion of the MEK terrorist organization's members from Baghdad is a victory for the Iraqi Government that worked on the exit of this criminal group which was involved in the killing of Iraqis.

MP Sajida Muhammad Yunus told the reporter of Ashraf News, By deporting the Iranian MKO terrorist organization's membrs is a victory for the Iraqi government, arguing that the exit of this organization does not mean to stop prosecuting them in international courts for the crimes they carried out in Iraq during the rule former Baath regime. The member of the Council of Representatives stressed the need to recover the funds that had been stolen by the Iranian terrorist MKO organization during Saddam Hussein's regime, noting that the funds are the property of the Iraqi people, and that the government along with the Foreign Ministry should work on restoring them.. MP Sajida Muhammad Yunus regarded the presence of the Iranian MKO camps in Albania will limit their movements and influence, noting that this organization has dead and that all attempts to save it and reactivate again have failed.

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