Iranian elderly lady seeks to know kidnapped-by-MEK son's fate

Iranian elderly lady seeks to know kidnapped-by-MEK son's fate
2020/06/25 11:06



An Iranian elderly lady demanded to know the fate of her son who was abducted by the PMOI more than 20 years ago, from the city of Mayana, in the eastern province of Azerbaijan, in northwestern Iran.


The elderly lady, Athar Ferhadi, said in a message sent by her, and Ashraf News obtained a copy of it, "More than 20 years ago, my son, Firouz Al Saadi, was kidnapped by the MEK from Mianeh city in eastern Azerbaijan province. And every time we came, we did not succeed in meeting him, and everyone who knows the fate of my son must inform me, the old mother. "


Athar Farhadi added, "The father of her son Firouz Saadi, nicknamed (Sarakhush), passed away and he was worried about the fate of his son, whose news was cut off since his kidnapping by the Massoud Rajavi's group."


She added, "As an old and humble mother, I ask all those who see this picture to help me and send my regards to my son. I am not an evil mother to be denied my son's visit and seeing."


She also said, "I cannot stand this difficult waiting anymore. I am exhausted. I cannot bear not knowing my son's fate. Whoever has news of my son, please let me know."


Noteworthy to mention that the PMOI is still ranting human rights and demanding freedom, while violating and ignoring its own leaders' violation of human rights for the sake of its interests, which confirms that this terrorist organization violates the most basic human rights and prevents its members from communicating with their families.


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