Maryam Rajavi strengthens her presence in the American bosom

Maryam Rajavi strengthens her presence in the American bosom
2020/06/25 11:06



In a move that prompted the MEK leader, Maryam Rajavi, to become more secure in the American bosom, she endorsed a step taken by the American House of Representatives that doubled the suffering of the Iranian people who already suffer from severe American sanctions.


American media reported, "Legislators from both the Republican and Democratic parties expressed their support for the efforts of the Iranian opposition (Mujahidin Khalq) to establish an Iranian secular state."


Maryam Rajavi commented on the decision, saying that "the decision reflects the support of the American people for the demand of the Iranian people in a free Iran, based on the free vote of the people, separation of religion from the state, gender equality, respect for the rights of minorities and the cessation of nuclear activities."


"It is time to stop the activities of agents and entities of the regime in the United States under any pretext," Rajavi added, according to what the Saudi newspaper Al-Ayyam, reported.


Maryam Rajavi ignored that the majority of Iranians hate the MEK for its crimes and standing by the regime of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein during the war that broke out between the two countries in 1980 and the organization was supporting Saddam Hussein in that war.


Also, the human rights raised by Maryam Rajavi and her group are not applied within this organization itself, which besieges its members in a camp in the Albanian capital, Tirana, where it prevents them from contacting their families.


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