MKO, play of struggle

MKO, play of struggle
2020/06/25 12:06

The MEK held, on Saturday, a conference on the occasion of what it calls the fortieth anniversary of the start of resistance against the Iranian regime. The conference was held online due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19.

In this humorous play, the PMOI leader, Maryam Rajavi, has spoken of her continuing to transmit erroneous information about the existence of supporters of the organization in all Iranian provinces, in an attempt to win the support of the international community which has not forgotten the criminal history of this group against Iran and the world.

What is surprising is Maryam Rajavi said that "the mullahs’ regime, for 40 years, has taken many lives of Iranians in order to preserve its authority. This includes killing the Mujahideen Khalq's associates as well as one million Iranians in the midst of the eight-year war, and now, as a result of Khamenei's and Rohan's inhumane policies, Coronavirus has spread throughout Iran and now reaps the lives of citizens across Iran."

Here, the rational man stops and asks, why did the MEK sent its forces in support of Saddam Hussein's regime in that war in the face of its Iranian people? And it is known that Saddam was the aggressor according to the decision of the United Nations, and how can the MEK have the right to support Saddam who assaulted the territory to which it belongs? Here, the motive of the MEK to renounce its patriotism was to serve as a proxy for foreigners.

Maryam Rajavi then sent her greetings to what she described as "the makers of this great turning point in contemporary history, especially, Masoud, the leader of this historical uprising!", but why doesn't Masoud appear to talk about this great turning point in his contemporary history?

Why this embarrassment for the MEK when asked about the existence of Masoud Rajavi and the secret of his disappearance? And where is Maryam Rajavi from the slogans that were echoed yesterday? They depicted a picture of the future of Iran and one of the items of those ten points was "freedom of expression, freedom of parties, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press and cyberspace", where is the fate of Masoud Rajavi from all that?

The collaborator noticed the low level of participation at the world level in the MEK conference, which reveals the organization's inability to pay more money in light of an international economic crisis

Maryam Rajavi talked about "the values of struggle and human virtues", and said that "values such as sacrifice, honesty, equality, tolerance, rejection of the male and sexist ideas and selfishness, gender equality, free election and avoiding love for power and authority; good for the resistance that achieved all these goals; this resistance is led by Masoud Rajavi who will remain a maker of modern values until final victory. "

On this point, we must ask Maryam Rajavi since she talks of the values of equality; why does the MEK force divorce and prevent women from getting married within the organization's camps, whether they are in Iraq or Albania now?

If the 'love of power' was not one of Maryam Rajavi's dreams, then why would she hide the fate of her husband and the leader of her organization, Masoud Rajavi, who is no longer mentioned in the media?

In the end, it can be said that holding this conference is nothing but a play by the MKO in an attempt to obtain international support.


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