Al-Jazeera report: the MEK is in the UAE's bosom

Al-Jazeera report: the MEK is in the UAE's bosom
2020/06/29 06:06

A report published by the Qatari channel, Al-Jazeera, revealed on Monday that the United Arab Emirates and its ambassador to Washington, Youssef Al-Otaiba, started working with the PMOI to recruit it against Iran.

The report mentioned, "The place is the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City, the time is the last week of September 2018, and the interesting attendance list included US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, UAE Ambassador to Washington Yusef Al Otaiba, Ambassador of Israel Ron Dremer, Assistant Secretary The US Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Affairs Sigal Mandler, Bahrain’s Ambassador Abdullah bin Rashid Al Khalifa, American right-wing billionaire Thomas Kaplan, Saudi Arabian Secretary of State for Arab Gulf Affairs Thamer Al-Sabhan, Mark Wallace, deputy director of George Bush’s presidential campaign and his former ambassador to the United Nations until 2009, and groups of Iranian opponents abroad, the most prominent and striking one is the MEK organization, which Americans themselves are often distanced from, in addition to Iranian-Kurdish and Baloch separatist groups."
Wallace was the spiritual father of that conference in his capacity as the executive director of the United Nations Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), an entity established in 2008 that has transformed in recent years into a platform hostile to the policies of Iran and Qatar, a common platform for the American right and Gulf and Israeli efforts to push for tougher policies against Tehran, and it t is an organization run by Joe Lieberman, a former Democratic Senator, supporter of Israel and the war on Iraq. It is headed by David Ibsen, who is known for his hostility to Iran, and who wrote on the pages of the Saudi-funded London Middle East in December 2018 an article attacking European diplomacy over its continued sponsorship of the nuclear deal. He promotes Trump's campaign against Tehran known as "Maximum Pressure" to confront its regional influence rather than contain it as the Obama administration tried, a campaign that many considered as a comprehensive economic war against the Iranian people.
Pompeo stood speaking that evening in front of the audience, announcing more pressure on everyone who deals financially with Iran, before the floor was taken by one of his friends in the Trump's administration and President Rudy Giuliani's lawyer, who is known for his old links with the MKO members, and who brought them close to high-ranking American officials, causing harsh criticism, not only from the Iranian side as expected, but also from many Iranian and American opponents who have always considered the organization "extremist and terrorist" due to the organization's agenda based on overthrowing the Iranian regime by force, this is how United States officially considered it Until 2012. In a statement to the Monitor website, an Iranian-American activist pointed to several pieces of advice directed to UANI not to participate in a single conference alongside the PMOI or any separatist movements, a piece of advice that never found attentive ears.

The report added, "The only precedent this year, then, was the presence of separatist and radical faces of the Iranian opposition, then days after the conference, Iran categorized the United Union Against Nuclear Iran organization as a terrorist organization, an escalation that cannot not carry many repercussions of course. However, the continuous escalation by the United Union Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) and the efforts that it has successfully adopted over the years to strike the nuclear agreement have, over time, made it an important focal point for the Emirati lobby after Trump's arrival to the White House, it is an organization which if we investigate its finance and networks, then we will get to the door that leads us to the corridors of the UAE's lobby in Washington."
Source: Al-Jazeera Channel

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