Iranian families demand measures against channel supporting MEK

Iranian families demand measures against channel supporting MEK
2020/07/27 05:07

Families of victims of the attacks carried out by the MEK wrote years ago to the judiciary and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, demanding legal action against the management of the "Iran International" channel that is broadcast from London and funded by Saudi Arabia, due to its support for the MEK.
"We, the signatories to this letter and the request, are part of a large family of 17.000 victims of terrorism in Iran, who have lost our parents and children in terrorist attacks to groups such as the hypocrites (the MEK)," the letter said on Saturday.
Earlier, the London-based television channel was heavily criticized for its live coverage of the MEK, also known as the "hypocrites" in Iran. The signers said, "Unfortunately, we have seen in recent days that one of the satellite channels called Iran International, which broadcasts with Saudi money from London, provided live coverage to the MEK," and they condemned the coverage as 'unacceptable,' pointing to the group's long record of resorting to violence and terrorism against Iranian citizens.
Last week, Iran's ambassador to the United Kingdom, Hamid Baidi Nejad, responded to the live broadcast, saying that "the Saudi-funded channel has shown dirtiness and utter obscenity by action."
Baidi Nejad wrote in a tweet on July 18, after interviewing a spokesman for the Al-Ahwaz terrorist group: the live broadcast of this gathering was broadcast by the Saudi channel owners.
The Iranian authorities confirm that the MEK terrorist organization is responsible for the killing of at least 17.000 Iranian people, and it also provided military support to the regime of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in the eight-year war between Iran and Iraq.
In 2012, the US State Department removed the MEK from its list of designated terrorist organizations under intense pressure from groups linked to Saudi Arabia and other anti-Iranian regimes.
A few years ago, the MEK members were transferred from Camp Ashraf in the Iraqi province of Diyala to Camp Liberty, a former US military base in Baghdad, and were later transferred to Albania.

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