The Mojahideen Organization's sexual services for Saddam's regime

The Mojahideen Organization's sexual services for Saddam's regime
2020/07/27 05:07

It may not have occurred to anyone that the MEK, the Iranian opposition, provided sexual services to the forces of Saddam Hussein's army, while the Iraqi forces were supporting the military operation launched by the MEK members against the Iranian forces, known as "Frawg Jawidan".
On July 26, 1988, after Iran's acceptance of United Nations Security Council Resolution 589 to stop the war between the two countries, the Mujahideen Khalq fighters took advantage of the Iranian army's retreat and began a military operation that they called "Immortal  Light" or what is called the Persian "Frawg Jawidan", and this was a painful blow that the organization and its leaders will not forget.

This operation in which the organization was defeated has become "a nightmare harassing the MEK", and we are not going to go into the details of the battle. Documents and information indicate that after Iran agreed to the provisions of UN resolution 598 [1], Saddam Hussein admitted in a closed session that he was intending to back down from the terms of the cease-fire to strike Iran in the least expected time.

Wafik al-Samarrai, deputy director of military intelligence during the era of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, said, “President Saddam told us in a secret meeting of the Ministry of Defense, if we succeed in toppling the Iranian government, Kuwait will join Iraq," so there is a historic opportunity to launch a major attack to topple the Iranian regime and replace it with another elected government [2].
According to the Iraqi intelligence official, the MEK had assured Saddam that if its members came to power, Iran would be a friend to Iraq forever, and thus would support its policies.
The MEK was so intent on seizing power that its leadership voluntarily conspired against the Iranians, putting millions of innocent people in harm's way, and what is most striking is the organization’s leaders to this day continuing to believe that they have a form of popular legitimacy.
Captain Sattar Saad of the Iraqi Army's Third Corps, on the "Frawg Jawidan" operation, says in his memoirs: Masoud Rajavi has repeatedly said that 'we in these areas would be supported by people in controlling the situation,' but Rajavi and his men deceived us, and quickly realized that all Iranians who we actually encountered hating Masoud Rajavi and his wife, and I saw with my own eyes how they tore up the images of Masoud Rajavi and his wife and strongly resisted them [3].

Captain Sattar Saad also commented on the crimes and unethical behavior of the MEK fighters, saying, "For example, the MEK activists gave sexual services to prove their loyalty to Iraq and its army, as he described the cruelty of all MEK fighters when they encountered Iranian civilians, and how they tore the flesh of women and executed innocent people. "
Saddam used the MEK group in Iraq to gain as much Iranian territory as possible.
The MEK wanted to get civil unrest against the regime and popular support for their cause and an army of about 15.000 anti-Iranian forces equipped with weapons and logistical services provided by Iraq and other Iranian enemies from the West began to gather.

This again proved that the MEK and their European allies did not have any evidence of the personality of the Iranian individual, as the Iranians (the army) quickly entered the battle site and began Operation Mersad on July 28, 1988 with the slogan: O Ali.

The dreams of the MEK were to take control of Tehran so they raised their battle slogan "from Mehran to Tehran", and in the battle of Mersad, the Iranian army managed in a tactical step to set up a trap for these attacking forces and destroy their vehicles, including 120 tanks, and killed 4.800 MEK members while others escaped towards Iraq. The Frawg Jawidan operation became a failure of the MEK and was considered the worst military operation in the world based on the tactics in which several MEK members were killed or arrested, and after the operation, Masoud Rajavi unambiguously denied all responsibilities, preferring instead to blame his members for non-commitment .

Mersad Iranian operation was an exceptional process, which most international military experts claim is a major operation that demonstrated the rapid counterattack of Iranian military forces and one example of military tactics around the world.
 [1] Security Council Resolution 598 is one of the resolutions issued on July 29, 1988 to end the Iran-Iraq war.
[2] Excerpted from the memoirs of Captain Sattar al-Saad, responsible for developing operational activities in the third legion of the Iraqi army in his book, "Memoirs of Captain Sattar al-Saad."
[3] Same source.
Ahmad Jaafar Al Saadi - writer specializing in Iranian affairs

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