Leader at Dawa party: MKO on of terrorist organization focuses in Iraq       Minister of Human Rights: the presence of MKO is illegal       Former deputy: those who support MO support ISIL       قيادي بحزب الدعوة: منظمة خلق أحد عناوين الإرهاب في العراق       وزير حقوق الانسان: وجود منظمة خلق غير قانوني       نائب سابق: الذين يؤيدون منظمة خلق هم من دعموا داعش       Maysoon al-Damluji to Ashraf NewsMKO should be deported peacefully       Shabki MP: MKO presence a pressure card on Government       ميسون الدملوجي لـ"أشرف نيوز": يجب إخراج منظمة خلق بطرقة سلمية       Maryam Sinjabil: all MKO members want dissidence            

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The member of the National Alliance and leader at the Islamic Dawa Party - Iraq Organization, Abul Fiqar al-Shammari, described the Organization of Iran (PMOI) as one of the terrorist focuses in Iraq, pointing out that the organization has provided the terrorist organization of ISIS with maps of the areas it is in.

Human Rights Minister, Mohammed Mahdi al-Bayati said that the presence of the terrorist MKO on Iraqi territory is illegal, at the same time stressing the need to expedite the deportation of MKO's members from Iraq.

Former MP of Al-Fadhila bloc internalized in the State of Law Coalition, Susan Saad said that the political parties supporting the terrorist MKO are the ones who backed al-Qaeda in the past and now support the ISIS terrorist organization.

The head of the Cultural Committee at the Council of Representatives, Maysoon al- Damluji called for the need to work to remove the MEK terrorist organization's members peacefully, noting that the international conventions makes it imperative for Iraq to work with the this group in a manner consistent with international law.

The MP for Al-Shabki component, member of the State of Law coalition, Hanin Qaddo, regarded the presence of the MEK terrorist organization as a a pressure on the Iraqi Government, stressing that the existence of this organization on the Iraqi territory and outside the legal frameworks is supported.

The former leader at the MEK terrorist organization said that all members of the Organization who are in Camp Liberty in Baghdad want to split from it and live the actual sense of freedom in Iran after the difficult days they have lived away from home.

MP Ahmed al-Jubouri for the Coalition of Iraq emphasized the lack of justification for the stay of the MEK terrorist organization in Iraq, pointing out that the only way for the organization is to get out of Iraq.

MP for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Nawzad Rasoul described the MEK terrorist organization as one of the cells of the dictatorial regime of Saddam, renewing the emphasis that the Kurdish people were one of the victims of MKO crimes.

The MP for the Mustaqilloun bloc Mohammed al-Shammari called for the Iraqi Government to turn in the leader of the MKO terrorist organization to the judiciary to take the just punishment for their crimes against the Iraqi people.

The MP for the State of Law coalition Abboud Wahid al-Issawi, called on Friday, on the Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari to hold a meeting with the ambassadors and representatives of the European Union to urge them on settling MKO terrorist members in their countries.

The MP for the Citizen's Bloc at the Council of Representatives Hamdiya Al-Husseini, described the presence of the terrorist MKO as a violation of Iraq's sovereignty and laws that prevent harboring terrorist individuals and groups.

The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Nassar al-Rubaie said that the MEK terrorist organization has violated all international laws and ethical norms, pointing out that the organization no longer has any place in Iraq after the fall of the buried Baath regime.

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