MP Hisham al-Suhail: MEK Organization is a criminal gang       MP Ibtisam al-Hilali: There are plans to remove the MEK       850 من عناصر خلق سيتم إخراجهم من العراق العام الحالي       النائب هشام السهيل: منظمة خلق زمرة مجرمة       Deputy demanding accountability of the media in support of MKO       Deputy for the Turkmen: We are one of the victims of the MKO crime       النائبة ابتسام الهلالي: هناك خطط لاخراج منظمة خلق       نائب يطالب بمحاسبة الإعلام الداعم لمنظمة خلق       نائب تركماني: نحن أحد ضحايا جرائم منظمة خلق       Deputy for Basra calling for lawsuits against Khalq organization            

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The MP for the State of Law coalition, Hisham al-Suhail, described the members of the MKO as criminal gangs, calling on the Council of Representatives to pass a law criminalizing the political parties supporting the MEK terrorist organization.

The MP for the State of Law coalition, Ibtisam al-Hilali, confirmed that the existence of plans to accelerate the expulsion of the terrorist MKO members, criticizing the lack of international cooperation with the Iraqi Government in resolving the file of Khalq terrorist organization.

The MP for the Islamic Fadhila Party, Jamal al-Muhammadawi, called upon the Communications and Media Commission of Iraq for the need to hold the Arab and Iraqi media in support of terrorism accountable, including the MEK Organization.

The MP for the Turkmen race, Niazi Ihsanoglu said that the Turkmen component in particular in Diyala province, was one of victims of the terrorist MKO crimes during the period of the buried rule of Saddam and after the fall and his regime.

The MP for Basra Province, member of the State of Law Coalition, Faleh Hassan al-Khazali, called upon the citizens affected by the MEK terrorist organization, to file complaints against the MKO in the Iraqi courts to regain their rights.

The leader of the Islamic Dawa Party, MP Walid al-Hilli, said that the new government, headed by Dr. Haider al-Abadi, would deal with the MKO file the same way  the former Iraqi Government did, explaining that they called upon the United Nations several times to remove the organization from the country.

The MP for the Badr bloc, affiliated with the State of Law Coalition, Ali Lafta al-Morshedi said that the supporters of the Khalq terrorist organization's members are considered as terrorism promoters and should be tried for this serious matter.

The Kurdistan Alliance's MP Bakhtiyar Shawis rejected the calls for the MKO terrorist elements stay in Iraq, describing those calls as void.

The MP for the province of Babylon, member of the parliamentary bloc of Badr, Manal Al-Muslamawi, said that the U.S. was responsible for blocking the expulsion of Khalq terrorist Organization from Iraq.

The MP for the province of Diyala, Furat al-Tamimi called for the new Iraqi Government to expel the terrorist MKO elements from the country, saying their presence has so far been disappointing for Iraqis.

A report by the Justice and Development Organization for Human Rights, confirmed that Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain are behind providing the PMOI opposition with huge financial assistance as well as training its members within the Gulf States to stir up imminent tensions and political turmoil in Iran.

The MP for the province of Basra, a member of the Citizen Block, Saleem Shawqi, described the terrorist organization of Khalq as a criminal and a terrorist gang, stressing the lack of legal and constitutional justification for their presence.

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