Our correspondent: MKO terrorist organization lives in fenced camps in Albania

Our correspondent: MKO terrorist organization lives in fenced camps in Albania
2016/10/01 12:10

The correspondent of Ashraf News in Albania reported, on Thursday, that the members of the terrorist Organization of Iran (PMOI) who had been transferred recently from Iraq, are now living in fenced camps in the capital, Tirana.

The correspondent of Ashraf News who wander near the MKO terrorist organization's camp in the capital, Tirana, pointed out that the members of the organization are living in very difficult conditions in Albania because of the economic conditions experienced by this country which population is nearly three million. One of the members of the organization said to our correspondent who introduced himself as an Albanian journalist, We are in Tirana, capital of Albania, the poorest country in Europe, we will face difficulties, adding, We cannot go out without coordination with the Albanian police guarding the compound we live in. Ali Reza Wafadar explained to our correspondent that the leadership of the MKO in Paris issued a series of instructions for us, preventing us from conducting any interviews with the media, as the camp we live in is fenced with wires, we are not allowed to go out but after the Albanian police approval. The details of this deal, which facilitated the exit of PMOI members from Baghdad to Tirana, did not come out into the open. Tirana's new population do not speak to the media, they live in a fenced and guarded camps around the clock. People's Mojahedin's members wander freely in Tirana, but no one is allowed to enter the camps. MKO was one of the forces that toppled the Shah of Iran in 1979. Because of its communist ideology, differences aroused between them and the ruling Islamic forces until today erupted in Iran after the fall of the Shah's regime. Such differences reached to the extent of fighting between the two sides. Hundreds of the MEK terrorist organization's members used to reside in Camp Liberty, near Baghdad airport, which prompted the Iraqi government to put pressure on the international community to move the members of this organization which has become unprofitable after the fall of its ally, the defunct Saddam Hussein. The Albanian government expressed, after negotiations with the United States, its willingness to accept the MKO terrorist organization's members in Albania, America's strong ally in the Balkans.c

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