MEK return to its origin (reasons & consequences)

MEK return to its origin (reasons & consequences)
2020/06/25 11:06

In recent months, especially after the unrest that occurred in mid-November 2019 in Iran, against the backdrop of the government's raising gasoline prices three times, the rooted terrorism of the MEK has been revealed.

A review of the organization's actions and activities inside Iran notes that it has shifted from its ineffective media activities to more extreme and violent measures that strike the internal security of the Iranian people, as the organization, which has a work extending for 55 years, and which has a history of fighting the current and former political regimes in Iran and killed a number among its politicians and people, has made unexpected changes in its course of action and implemented extremist and anti-security activities in recent months.

Through a quick look at the information published by the Mujahedin Khalq organization in cyberspace, especially social networks such as Instagram Telegram, etc., we notice that the videos published by this organization, remark its return to terrorist countermeasures, which confirm its imprint on terrorism, violence and extremism.

We find that the media outlets of the Mojahedin Organization has published many films and videos full of scenes of destruction and attacks on civilian and military locations, and it is the result of the activities of its internal members in Iran, and the broadcast of these videos should correspond to the title "The Theater of Life" or perhaps what might be called "Propaganda Media. "

What is clear in the videos published by the MEK is that they used explosive and combustible devices during their actions, which they recently began to use in their activities, and that the model of the explosions they carried out brings back reminds us of their destructive and terrorist actions in the years of the victory of the 1979 revolution, in which It used improvised explosive devices in its operations.

MEK return to its origin (reasons & consequences)

 Perhaps the published organization’s videos may be considered clear examples of the group’s renewed tendency towards armed actions inside Iran, which promises to re-register its name in the list of terrorist organizations and groups. Of course, this issue is of particular importance to the organization, in practice, the alert is a major danger, but given the history of their presence on the list of terrorist groups from 1997 to 2012 (in the United States), the organization's operatives know very well that any action that brings the organization's name back to the list will definitely be their red line. The important question here is:

MEK return to its origin (reasons & consequences)



Despite this situation; how did the organization dare to carry out such terrorist acts in Iranian cities?

Looking at the list of countries (the European Union and the United States) that put this organization's name on the list of terrorist groups, it seems that there is no stronger response than those countries opposing the Iranian regime, especially the United States, that gave the green light to the organization to carry out these terrorist acts.

It must be recognized that the MEK will only be able to take these steps if they make a concession to the Americans.

The truth is that despite serious international obstacles to any organized violence, the actions of the Mojahedin Khalq will inevitably follow a series of coordination with the same countries that once described the organization as terrorist and sabotaging.

More importantly, the role of the PMOI in the eyes of godfathers like the Americans should never diminish. In this case, procedures such as the recovery room will be given to the organization, which is accused of passivity and inactivity and recognized as an old and void organization.

Of course, the international community is not limited to the US government, and the current US administration will continue (in other words, the space of the Mujahidin's new life) giving another maximum period (if the current White House team wins the next presidential election).

This means that the MKO will sooner or later have to accept the legal consequences of its tendency to take armed action, because these measures actually mean the organization withdraws from the second paragraph of the Geneva Convention, which clearly avoids protecting opposition groups and currents.

They know military action and weapons, and the MEK is well aware that the international community has accepted it and that the international scene has become their political hotbed, therefore any harm to the prestige of the civil and non-Islamic organization will have grave consequences for them internationally.

Meanwhile, given the history of the Iranian political regime and its heavy experiences in combating terrorist and sabotaging groups, one should ask:

What is Iran's response to the direction of the organization that has created new anti-security spaces?

Will the Iranian political regime open a new legal case to control this group with its history on the list of international terrorist organizations, citing examples of military and armed actions?

Has Iran reserved the right to legitimate, inherent defense against this group and will never allow another hot summer?

These are the basic questions that the MEK leaders see as always in their minds these days, and think about answering them. The answer to these questions, of course, will soon be clear if the organization’s elements continue on this dangerous path.


Fouad Salem Al-Asadi


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