Inspecting Khalq's members effects and writings

Inspecting Khalq's members effects and writings
2020/06/29 05:06

After I had remained in the hands of the Iraqi forces for several months, with an unknown fate and close monitoring from my family, they did not even get my personal belongings.
After captivity, which is the longest period of my life, I was in the organization of Masoud Rajavi, and in this period (my presence with Khalq organization) the organization considered writing memories to be rejected work, and if someone did this in secret, he had to destroy his writings on two occasions (two times, two incidents); the first was the move from Camp Ashraf to Liberty and the second from Liberty in Iraq to Albania, because the leaders of the organization believed that memories can be information and should not fall into the hands of anyone (American or Iraqi).
In these two moves, the responsible members of the PMOI were searching the members ’equipment and belongings more thoroughly than Iraqis, who were looking at the organization’s equipment at a glance, but the organization’s members were reading the personal messages of the members as well as their families' and private messages carefully.
While Iraqis did not look at the papers, letters and books at all and had nothing to do with them, for example, when we moved from Ashraf camp in Diyala province to Liberty in Baghdad, we had to hand our things over to the organization's members for examination, and after inspection, then they allowed to hand over only what they wanted to be examined by the Iraqis.
I had some messages from my family which a member of the organization read carefully, when I objected, he said, "They must be verified that it is not a document or something," but when he saw that I was upset, tore up one of the messages and said "if you think it is a document then it is torn up now." Another member who was next to him told him not to read those private letters of his family which forced him to give me letters reluctantly, but when we got to the Iraqis, they did not even look at the letters, diaries or notes.
During the move to Albania, members of the MEK intelligence service said that "if anyone has a notebook they want to bring with them, they should hand it over a week in advance for examination and it will remain with us to be handed back at the exit door", I said to them, "You examined the documents when moving from Ashraf to Liberty, and during this time I have had no contact with anyone," They said that "this is a decision and you must submit them! And because I did not like that method at all and considered it an insult, I burned all the letters and pictures that I had, and destroyed everything I wrote about myself.
Written by Abd al-Rahman Muhammadian - a dissident from the MKO in Albania

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