17 MEK deaths of Coronavirus in Albanian Hospital

17 MEK deaths of Coronavirus in Albanian Hospital
2020/12/22 02:12


Today, Monday, medical sources in Albania reported that 17 members of the MEK Organization died as a result of being infected with the new Coronavirus, noting that "the bodies of these people are in a hospital in the Albanian district of Durres."

The sources told Ashraf News correspondent, that "there are currently 17 bodies of the MEK Organization members in a hospital designated to combat the Corona virus in the Albanian province of Durres."

The sources added, "The medical authorities keep these bodies until a decision is issued by the MEK leadership to receive them and bury them in a special cemetery for the organization near Camp Ashraf 3 in the city of Manza in the Albanian province of Durres."

The MEK refuses to acknowledge the outbreak of the Coronavirus among its members in Camp Ashraf 3, while it recently admitted the death of a number of its members as a result of this deadly virus.

In a related context, the Albanian Ministry of Health announced, yesterday, Sunday, that during the past 24 hours, 538 new cases of Covid-19 had been identified, and 8 people had died because of this virus.

According to the Albanian Ministry of Health, the total number of infections reached 52,542 people, while the number of deaths reached 1,088, noting that "the ages of the last eight deaths ranged between 58 and 85 people."

On the eve of the end-of-year holiday, the Albanian Ministry of Health and Social Protection appealed to citizens to limit contacts and avoid gatherings and celebrations within the circles of their small families.

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