MEK dissidents celebrate Yalda Night in Albania

MEK dissidents celebrate Yalda Night in Albania
2020/12/22 06:12

Defected members of the MEK Organization of Iran in Albania celebrated on Sunday evening, December 20, 2020, Yalda night, the first day of winter in the Iranian calendar, while the remaining members of the organization are suffering in Camp Ashraf 3 in the city of Manza from the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

In a report prepared by the correspondent of the Ashraf News website in Albania, described on the night of celebration of Yalda night for the members of the Mujahideen Khalq, Ashraf Camp 3 in the city of Manza as a "contagious hospital" due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus and the high number of infections and deaths in light of Maryam Rajavi's silence.

Our correspondent explained in his report that, "With the exception of the leaders of the Maryam Rajavi cult, no one really knows how many Mujahideen in Manza are infected with Coronavirus (without symptoms or with symptoms), and how many members are living in a dangerous condition, or people facing a shortage of oxygen equipment, how many people have actually recovered from Covid-19 and how many died. "

He continued, "The one certain thing from Camp Ashraf 3 among the MEK ranks, there is a dangerous emotional state. The place of optimism for regime change in Iran before the fortieth anniversary of the Iranian Islamic Revolution (February 2019) has been replaced by despair due to the increasing number of bodies and the increasing number of patients. Covid-19!"

He said, "In the capital, Tirana, where a group of dissidents from the Rajavi cult lives, there is a very optimistic situation."

Sheb Yalda in Persian means "Yalda Night", the longest night of the year that many Iranians have lived for thousands of years. In Iran and countries that share the same culture with them, the first night of the winter season is called "Sheb Yalda", which coincides with the night of the winter solstice.

For Iranians, this night is considered a day of joy, a day of dinner with relatives and friends, a dinner that must definitely contain watermelon, pomegranate and nuts accompanied by drinks and joy, and the dissidents from the Rajavi's cult accompany the special dinner on this night with recitation of poems of the type of Hafez’s collection.

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