Scandal of the MEK's spokesman (photo)

Scandal of the MEK's spokesman (photo)
2020/12/31 09:12

Ashraf News got a picture showing the MEK's spokesman with his wife, apparently, who was not wearing the veil that the organization imposes on its female members.
In a related context, informed sources told Ashraf News that Muhammad Iqbal married a second woman who appeared with him in this photo, where he lives in the French capital, Paris.
Several members of the MEK addressed this image, asserting that it "indicates the moral decay of the organization and of the spokesman, Muhammad Iqbal."
“Muhammad Iqbal is a degenerate person and his sister Atif Iqbal was slandered by him because of her opposition to Rajavi's policies, and he always placed himself in the front row in the meeting of this cult,” said Qurban Ali Hossein Nejad, the former translator of Iran's Khalq leader Masoud Rajavi.
Hussein Nejad added, “Muhammad Iqbal, whom I worked with for more than twenty years in France and Iraq and worked in the same room, was my Arabic language and translation student, in 1996 in the courtyard of the Badi 'camp, west of Baghdad, the headquarters of Masoud and Maryam Rajavi at the time, Muhammad Iqbal said to me that 'in order that you will never remember your wife and delete her from your mind, go and transfer her to Brother Masoud Rajavi's bed', than I said my eife was martyred in Mirsad operation, how can I take tge dead to my brother's bed?' He said 'yes just imagine it a dream."

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