Death of MEK leader office's director in Albania

Death of MEK leader office's director in Albania
2021/01/10 06:01

Our correspondent said, quoting for informed sources as saying that "Saida Shahrukhi, a member of the MEK leadership council, a member of the National Council of Resistance of Iran and director of Maryam Rajavi's office, died as a result of her infection by the Coronavirus."
According to the sources, "Saida Shahrukhi, one of the senior military leaders in the MEK, played a role in the torture and suppression of members while she was in Camp Ashraf in the Iraqi Diyala province."

For his part, Muhammed Karimi, a dissident member of the MEK, said, "Saida Shahrukhi was the former commander of the organization's intelligence service, and she is considered one of the most criminal leaders of the cult."

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