MEK's pressures on us are against human rights standards

MEK's pressures on us are against human rights standards
2021/01/10 06:01

The dissident member of the MEK, Rahman Mohammadian, confirmed that the practices and pressures of the Maryam Rajavi community on the dissidents in Albania are inconsistent with human rights standards.

Mohammadian said in an article that Ashraf News obtained a copy of, that "the new pressure of the Rajavi's cult on the dissident members of the MEK is inconsistent with human rights standards," indicating that "Rajavi has chosen a new way to cut off the provision of pensions to dissidents."

Muhammadian said, "The leadership of the MEK now requires dissident in order to receive financial aid and pensions, they write articles against other dissidents and label them as mercenaries and defame them."

He added, "The MEK forced some of the dissidents and their members  last year to write against other dissidents with the aim of continuing to pay them financial aid, otherwise their pensions would be cut."

The dissident member in Albania pointed out that "this method adopted by the MEK leadership aims to control its members," noting that "the organization's leadership has a lack of personality and they live in a state of turmoil, so they are closed in on themselves."

Mohammadian urged the remaining members in Ashraf III camp in Albania to defect, stating that "groups and cults, such as the MEK, do not give individuals and members the right to choose and decide, and of course they cover that with ideal issues and the right of the common-sense leader and treat the problems and sufferings of society, and if one wants to separate from them then he is a traitor and deserves to die. "

He continued, "But the Rajavi community does not like the right to life even for its dissidents, and the Rajavi's cult does not adhere to any principles, and contrary to its commitment to the Albanian government, under which it must pay the pension of the dissidents, this very small pension depends on the need for individuals to declare their support and not violate the organization's standards."

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