MEK fear of Muhammad Mustafa Abdel Moneim

MEK fear of Muhammad Mustafa Abdel Moneim
2021/01/13 06:01

Asserting what has been published by Ashraf News website, that the MEK reiterates its fear of the press and what activists and media professionals write about the organization’s history of assassination, liquidation and extermination of all those who disagree with it.
An article published by the writer, Professor Muhammad Mustafa Abdel Moneim, on the website of al-Hiwar al-Mutamaddin on January 5, entitled “Mujahideen Khalq declares its support for the assassination of Fakhrizadeh," sparked the ire of the organization, its hired writers and journalists who carry Arabic and Iraqi names.
Israa Al-Zamili is one of those paid pens. Ashraf News revealed her identity, and she is not one of the distinguished member of Al-Zamili tribe who are spreading in Iraq. Rather, she is a fictitious character, and she writes in an Iranian way, as is evident from what she publishes, but her article is in the Kitabat site against Professor Muhammad Mustafa Abdel Moneim, is not an article of a sober scholarly response, but rather a mere presentation and repetition of what the MEK leadership said.
Israa al-Zamili tried to throw the accusation of treason against the Iranian regime and Professor Muhammad Mustafa Abdel-Moneim, which is a ready-made accusation by the MEK disagrees with it even if s/he is proven to not have visited Iran ever, but because the MEK is used to lie in the arms of others, from Saddam to Saudi Arabia, America and so on... It is used to throw the others with this accusation, as it applies to the famous Arab example to it "Every vessel leakes with what it contains."
We advise Al-Zamili and other fictitious names. We have received confirmed information on the names of people who use Arabic names as titles for them to publish articles for the MEK, in exchange for a handful of dollars.
What is noticed is that what Professor Muhammad Mustafa Abdel Moneim said was based on his monitoring of what the MEK published, but Israa al-Zamili and others want the media to repeat false information, including “the issue of executions of political prisoners, the case of the diplomat Asad Allah Asadi, and the issue of the MEK as an alternative ... and other dreams. "
We, at the Ashraf News website, condemn what websites affiliated with the MEK have committed against the writer and researcher, Professor Muhammad Mustafa Abdel Moneim, and we consider that as an attempt by the organization to target him.
Jalal Al-Halfi - Monitoring Unit at Ashraf News

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