American researcher: The MEK threatens Albania's security

American researcher: The MEK threatens Albania's security
2021/01/13 06:01

The American researcher and human rights activist, Robert Fantina, said on Monday that the presence of the armed members of the MEK terrorist organization in Albania is a threat to the security of the region.
In an article he published on, Fantina pointed to the enormous volume of stolen weapons in Albania and the danger of the Iranian terrorist group reaching it, saying, “The access of the MEK members to the stolen weapons in Albania was very important for the security implications that may ensue in Albania and the Balkans. "
"When hundreds of thousands of weapons and explosives are in the hands of the citizens of a small country illegally, this means that the country is in a gunpowder depot, and the slightest tension or mistake could lead to the explosion of this gunpowder warehouse," he added.
The American researcher pointed out that "the current situation in Albania is very dangerous," noting that "during the civil war in the country in 1997, military warehouses were looted and criminal groups and the Kosovo Liberation Army stole more than 650 thousand weapons, 1.5 billion bullets and 3.5 million grenades. "With one million landmines, the Albanian government sought to solve the problem or at least reduce it. Since 1997, the government announced three amnesties for the delivery of looted weapons."
He warned of the MEK’s plans to establish important contacts with extremist foreign terrorists, and said, “The MEK members were able to establish important contacts with extremist foreign terrorists who entered Iraq and provided them with a wealth of field information. They also designated a part of Camp Ashraf in the Iraqi Diyala province for military and combat training for terrorists."
The American researcher added, "There are severe concerns that the MEK members who have large backgrounds in military training and the use of weapons will obtain illegal weapons in Albania and use them for their own purposes, although their ability to achieve these goals is very small, but by trying to achieve this goal, they could cause great trouble and trouble. "
Turning to the role of the MEK in causing problems and political unrest in Iraq after the fall of its ally Saddam Hussein in 2003, he said, "Albania should consider this terrorist organization's members as a potential threat to any country they enter, and they must be controlled and placed under security control."

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