MEK, end of Trump

MEK, end of Trump
2021/01/17 11:01


The MEK, led by Maryam Rajavi, is undergoing a very difficult stage in what is described as post-Trumpism and Boltonism (Trump and Bolton), and on the one hand the Coronavirus continues to claim the lives of the organization’s members one by one, and on the other hand the dreams of Maryam Rajavi and Bolton, as well as their president, Trump, have not been realized by celebrateing the departure of the Iranian regime in Azadi Square (Freedom Square) in the center of the capital, Tehran.

The circle of rejection and resentment is also expanding within the ranks of the MEK and its leadership towards Maryam Rajavi and the team that supports her, and in the recent period there have been splits inside Albania that the MEK recognized to have taken place, despite the difference of causes and goals.

The leadership of the MEK realizes that Albania is not Iraq in which it lived for a long time in the bosom of the buried Saddam Hussein's regime. It also realizes that it no longer controls its members who live in Albania and enjoy freedom and life. This is what constitutes an obstacle to Maryam Rajavi and her close associates in how control the members of the organization who aspire to freedom and exit from this dark tunnel that has lasted for more than forty years.

Therefore, the unresolved contradictions and the silent death have placed a cordon on the neck of Maryam Rajavi's organization, and the final stage of the organization's collapse is completed with the departure and defeat of Donald Trump.

Maryam Rajavi realizes that the policy of deceit, lies and brainwashing practiced by her disappeared husband, Massoud Rajavi, and after him, are no longer useful in convincing the members of the organization.

Rajavi falsely visualized the subject of overthrowing the Iranian regime after Trump came to power in the minds of the MEK’s members in order to keep them in its grip, and promised the people that in order to achieve this goal, they should invest one hundred percent of their energies for that and be prepared, and so Rajavi spent eighteen hours a day in forcing people to seize the opportunity to nit think about their future and the problems they suffer from.

In the end, nothing changed, as the analysis and aspiration of Maryam Rajavi and other American leaders was just illusions, dreams and mirages, and therefore the leadership of this Iranian organization faces a problem in convincing its members who are controlling them in Camp Ashraf 3 in Albania of the next stage after Trump's fall.

In the past, that is, in the era of Saddam Hussein and his support for Massoud Rajavi, it was possible to control the members, but now it has become impossible for Rajavi in   the heart of Europe to play the role of the past in Iraq and be able to deceive the members of the organization as he did in the past years.


Ahmad Jaafar Al-Saadi, writer specializing in Iranian affairs

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