Iraqi researcher: Exposing the MEK's black history of violence constitutes a hard blow to the organization

Iraqi researcher: Exposing the MEK's black history of violence constitutes a hard blow to the organization
2021/01/18 09:01


Iraqi researcher and political analyst, Reda Al-Gharabi Al-Qazwini, confirmed on Monday that revealing the history and violent behavior of the MEK could constitute a severe blow to the terrorist and extremist organization.

Ashraf News quoted for Al-Gharabi Al-Qazwini in an interview with the Iranian state-run IRNA news agency, as saying, "Explaining the history and violent sectarian behavior of this group since the past decades and until now could deal severe blows to the body of this terrorist and militant group," in reference to MEK.

Al-Qazwini pointed to the MEK’s cooperation with the mafia gangs that sell weapons in the Balkans, saying that "this organization's relations with Albanian mafia groups could pose a real threat to the citizens of this country and the Balkans."

He added, “Basically, the hypocritical group does not have a fixed and clear ideological basis, on the one hand its leaders are presented as the Islamic spectrum of the MEK, and on the other hand there are signs and manners of the Left in them.” He explained the ideological contradiction of the MEK, reminding, "The leaders of this group once held slogans against imperialism, but in the short term, they officially registered and opened the lobbying office in the heart of Washington!! On the one hand they talk about democracy, but on the other, they do not respect basic human principles, even with regard to the members of the organization, so the hypocrites (the MEK) do not have a coherent ideology; thus, one cannot speak of disarming its ideology. "

Regarding the MEK's claim that it has abandoned its weapons and violent activities, he said: “The first point is that this group has not been voluntarily disarmed but has been forcibly deprived of its heavy weapons. Another point is that violent literature and calls for violence and killing can be seen in the media of this group and in the language and writings of its leaders.".

"It is for this reason that Twitter temporarily suspended some of the group's accounts and the account of the organization's leader, Maryam Rajavi, for several weeks last month due to suspicious activities and promoting violence and terrorism," he said, adding, "The group's call to destroy and burn governmental and non-governmental centers in recent months is evidence of the group's violent approach."

Double media of MEK

The Iraqi researcher and political analyst referred to the double media approach of the MEK terrorist organization, and said: “The group of hypocrites (the MEK) does not call for sabotage, murder and other matters in their non-Persian media so that negative and violent faces do not appear in Western public opinion, but they promote violence in the media in the Persian language."

The researcher on terrorism added, "The same case of closing Maryam Rajavi's Twitter account in the Persian language, is that of the double policy of hypocrites in cyberspace."

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