MEK discloses new split in its ranks in Albania

MEK discloses new split in its ranks in Albania
2021/01/20 06:01

The MEK Organization of Iran in Albania disclosed a new defection case of one of its members in Ashraf 3 camp in the city of Manza in the Albanian province of Durres.
Ashraf News reported, from MEK websites, that “a new member named, Mansour Brahoyi, a former prisoner of war (the Iran-Iraq war), joined the MEK's Liberation Army and was transferred to Albania from Iraq in July 2016 at the expense of the organization and continued his life."
A statement attacked the Iranian terrorist organization, Mansour Brahoyi and accused him of being a "mercenary of the Iranian embassy in Tirana," noting that he "turned to political prostitution and therefore no longer deserves any contact or assistance from the PMOI."
The organization’s statement continued, “In the past four years, the PMOI has helped this person with more than 2 million and 50 thousand laik,” and the organization threatened to file a complaint against the dissident member in Albania.

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