After defecting from the MEK, Khalil Ansaryan sends message calling for other members to leave Rajavi’s cult

After defecting from the MEK, Khalil Ansaryan sends message calling for other members to leave Rajavi’s cult
2021/01/24 04:01

Khalil Ansaryan officially announced his split from the MEK in Albania after spending 31 years in the ranks of the organization moving from Iraq to Albania, calling on the remaining members in what he described as "Ashraf 3 prison" to defect and leave the organization to live in complete freedom.
Ashraf News quoted for Khalil Ansaryan, who published a statement about his defection, confirming that he had "joined the Mujahideen Khalq cult for 31 years since June 1981, and announced his separation from the violent and terrorist Rajavi’s cult."
Ansaryan added, "I was a soldier to protect my country in the city of Khorramshahr, located in southern Iran, to confront the army of the occupying Saddam Hussein regime. I was captured by the Baathist forces there, and I was transferred to a prisoner of war camp with a specialty in working and serving the wounded and the sick, and the camp conditions were very difficult."
He explained that, "with the propaganda launched by Saddam's cult TV (the MEK), brainwashing began with propaganda and messages that were given, promoting a better life and that anyone who did not want to stay with the MEK could be sent to Europe. Here, this group deceived me because of the pressure of the camp and demagogic propaganda, and I lost the best period of my youth is in their empty organization for 31 years since I was released from Saddam’s captivity and was captured by them, the MEK.”
The member who defected from the Mujahideen Khalq affirmed that the organization had not allowed him to see his family members since 1981, indicating that “whoever was demanding to see his family was being harassed for saying such a matter, saying that the family is the enemy of the struggle, and that it would take us away from the struggle and every member of the organization must bite the teeth on the family!!! Many people may not imagine that one day they will think that the family is the enemy of the struggle as the MEK says.”
He continued, "Rajavi has distorted people with widespread propaganda, as he broadcast various speeches and long successive meetings, until no member dared to announce that he was tired of staying in the  organization’s cult or wanted to lead a normal life, and a number of members who had a problem managed to escape from the devilish organization in time and they reached the High Commissioner for Refugees. "
Ansaryan pointed out that "when the community (the Mujahideen-e-Khalq) moved to Albania, everyone was happy that the organization might be reformed and the pressures on the organization diminished, including long meetings, daily coverage and constant brainwashing but this did not happen."
He stressed that "the propaganda of the Rajavi’s cult and the continuous brainwashing in the various meetings took the will of any serious diagnosis or decision from the people and pretended that leaving the organization was a betrayal of God and the people."
Regarding the intention of a number of Iranians to meet their sons who are in the organization's camp in Tirana, Ansaryan said, "The MEK is very afraid of families, and therefore it does not allow any visits because once their members meet with their families, this will lead to the fall of the authority and no one will remain."
Ansaryan sent a message to the remaining members of the organization in Ashraf 3 prison in Albania, as he called it, saying, "I advise you not to be afraid of leaving the cult's cells to live for a few days free from any organizational pressures."

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