Sources to Ashraf News: France bans Maryam Rajavi to enter its territory

Sources to Ashraf News: France bans Maryam Rajavi to enter its territory
2021/02/02 04:02

Informed sources from the French capital, Paris, confirmed, on Sunday evening, that the French authorities prevented the leader of the MEK, Maryam Rajavi, from entering its lands, noting that "Rajavi asked the French embassy in the capital Tirana to facilitate her entry process to attend the burial ceremony of one of the organization's leaders."

Sources close to the leadership of the MEK organization of Iran told Ashraf News that, "Maryam Rajavi, since she settled in Albania, has not been allowed to enter France because of tax evasion."

The sources added, "Rajavi asked the French embassy in Tirana to allow her to enter France for a week in order to participate in the funeral and burial of Colonel Pilot Behzad Mo'azzi, a member of the so-called National Council of Iranian Resistance in Paris, who died at the age of 83 years due to leukemia in early January."
The sources added, "There is a lawsuit against Maryam Rajavi in   Paris because of tax evasion, but she was able to stay in Camp Ashraf 3 in Albania."

The leader of the organization, Maryam Rajavi, expressed in a statement to Behzad Mo'azzi her condolences, saying that he had "rendered superficial service to my husband, Massoud Rajavi," adding, "I have always owed him and have told him many times that I am forever grateful for his superior service."

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