Journalist Najah Muhammad Ali mocks MEK

Journalist Najah Muhammad Ali mocks MEK
2021/02/03 07:02

The Iraqi journalist, writer and political analyst Najah Muhammad Ali, an expert in media affairs, mocked the MEK, by a tweet on his official account on Twitter.

Muhammad Ali wrote in his account, commenting on the statement of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who said yesterday, Sunday, that "Iran is close to producing a nuclear bomb, and only weeks separate it from that".

"This is what they have been saying for more than twenty years, like the MEK's phrase (the mullahs' regime is staggering and only weak are left to its fall)," said journalist Muhammad Ali sarcastically.

Forty years ago, the MEK terrorist organization of Iran claimed that the regime in Tehran was about to fall and that its days are numbered, while it said that it would celebrate with its American supporters in Freedom Square (Azadi) in central Tehran in 2019, the fall of the Iranian regime. These are statements echoed by the former American National Security Adviser, John Bolton.

This organization also claims, through its news websites, that what it calls "strongholds of the uprising" is organizing massive protests in several Iranian cities. These are obvious lies for those who have the simplest experience in dealing with information on the Internet, where pictures of previous protests are returned.

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