Film telling story of three women MEK deceived

Film telling story of three women MEK deceived
2021/02/05 01:02

The Iranian Sahar satellite channel is planning to broadcast a film that tells the story of three women deceived by the MEK terrorist organization. The documentary bears the name "Friends of War."
Ashraf News reported, citing Iranian media, that this documentary reveals the nature of the MEK after June 20, 1981.
The documentary "Friends of War" tells the story of three women who were former members of the MEK and managed to escape from Camp Ashraf in Diyala province, Iraq, after long suffering.
In this documentary, it is talked about how people were tricked into entering and forcing them to stay in the MEK camps for many years. The claims of the leaders of this terrorist group regarding their strategy and worldview are fabricated.
The documentary "Friends of War", called Behzad Bidali, will be shown in two 25-minute episodes on February 5 and 11 at 1 pm Tehran time on Sahar TV.

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