Numerous unsuccessful attempts to penetrate Ashraf News website

Numerous unsuccessful attempts to penetrate Ashraf News website
2021/02/05 01:02

Several attempts to penetrate Ashraf News have failed, and these cyber attacks began at the beginning of February, and hackers used their attacks using the Internet Protocol (IP address), from European countries, most of them from France.
According to the tracking of the technical support unit in the Ashraf News Foundation, it was found that most of these attacks were launched from the French city of Roubaix, located in the north of the country, noting that "since the beginning of this year 2021, the threats to breach the Ashraf News website have increased than last year."
The technical support unit added, "all attempts to access the contents of the Ashraf News website were all unsuccessful." It is worth noting that the MEK and its media outlets recently launched a campaign against Ashraf News website, due to its role in revealing the history of this terrorist organization through a series of articles, reports and press interviews.
This is not the first time that the Ashraf News website has been subjected to a cyber attack, as well as a media campaign by the mass media run by the MEK.

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