Saudi Arabia, trial of Asadllah Asadi

Saudi Arabia, trial of Asadllah Asadi
2021/02/07 06:02

A Saudi journalist close to the ruling family in Riyadh revealed, Thursday, his participation and presence in the trial session of the Iranian diplomat Asadullah Asadi during a session held by the Antwerp court in northern Belgium.

Journalist Muhammad al-Salami, head of the International Institute for Iranian Studies, wrote on his official Twitter account, “Urgent, the Belgian court sentences the Iranian diplomat Asadullah Asadi to 20 years in prison for his involvement in planning to bomb an international conference of the Iranian opposition. I was among the attendees.”

The former leader and defector of the MEK, Masoud Khadabandeh, wrote on his Twitter account, "Certainly, it is not what Maryam Rajavi's (the organization's leader) money this time. It is probably Saudi money."

He added, "US President Joe Biden should not underestimate the MEK's money laundering machine in the United States. They do not pose a threat to Iran, but they can certainly cause problems for the new American official."

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Saeed Khatibzadeh, announced this evening, Thursday, that the ruling issued by a Belgian court against the Iranian diplomat, "Asadullah Asadi", came under the influence of the hypocritical organization (the Mujahideen Khalq) in Europe.

In statements to Iranian state media, Khatibzadeh said, "Tehran rejects the verdict of the Belgian court and does not recognize it, and all stages of Asadi's arrest, the judicial process and the final ruling are illegal and constitute a clear violation of the Vienna Convention of 1961."

He added, "Iran reserves the right to hold the Belgian government accountable by resorting to all possible legal and diplomatic means to fulfill the rights of Asadullah Asadi and hold governments accountable for their international violation."

The Iranian official stated, "Unfortunately, Belgium and some European countries, under the influence of the hostile atmosphere of the MEK opposition group in Europe, took such an illegal and unjustified measure."

"They must be held responsible for the gross violation of the rights of our country's diplomats, including the inhuman conditions that Mr. Asadi faced while he was detained in Germany and Belgium," he said.
On Thursday, the Belgian judiciary announced a 20-year prison sentence for the Iranian diplomat, Asadullah Asadi, on charges of being guilty of plotting an attack that would target a gathering of the Mujahideen Organization led by Maryam Rajavi near Paris in 2018.

Iran describes the MEK as a "terrorist" group and holds it responsible for targeting a number of its officials in addition to nuclear scientists.

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