MEK promoting its black history on Albanian channel owned by CNN

MEK promoting its black history on Albanian channel owned by CNN
2021/02/07 05:02


Ashraf News correspondent in the Albanian capital, Tirana, reported that the MEK had gained influence within an Albanian news channel owned by the American CNN network.

Our correspondent said, according to information he obtained, "the MEK has a foothold within the Albanian (A2 News) news channel, which is owned by CNN," adding that "the Iranian terrorist organization has been promoting itself through a series of reports broadcast on this Albanian screen."

The information obtained by our correspondent from within the employees of this news channel indicated, “The MEK  provided the management of this Albanian channel (A2 News), on Friday, with a report on the history of the MEK terrorist group, as well as linking it to a case related to the Iranian diplomat Asadullah Asadi."

The information added, "The Mujahideen began broadcasting fabricated and fake reports and information against dissident members residing in the capital Tirana, describing them as mercenaries and inciting the authorities against them."

According to news reports and information obtained by our correspondent in Albania, the MEK was able to buy and support some Albanian media outlets in order to spread misleading information related to its black history.

A2 News began broadcasting its programs in 2018, and it is an exclusive partner of the American CNN network, and this channel operates 24 hours.

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