MEK member attacks American journalist, refuses to meet her

MEK member attacks American journalist, refuses to meet her
2021/02/19 11:02

A video clip has spread on social media platforms during the past few days, of Ali Safavi, spokesman for the MEK terrorist organization in Washington, attacking the human rights activist and journalist, Medi Benjamin.

Ali Safavi, according to what the video showed, objected to Benajimin about how she arrived at the MEK office in Washington without prior coordination, while Benjamin replied to him, "We called several times and sent e-mails without a response from the PMOI."

The American activist and journalist asked for an interview with a MEK in Washington, but Safavi excuses that "there is no one in the office," while the journalist replied, "You are here and you can talk with me," so he told her, "I have a meeting outside the office and I have to leave."

"We hear a lot about the PMOI, but we want to know more about its activities, as some say it is a terrorist group and a closed cult," Medi Benjamin added.

Ali Safavi introduced himself to the American journalist as "one of the members of the National Council of Resistance of Iran," and he said while addressing the Benjmin "How did you manage to go up to the office of the PMOI without prior coordination?" She told him "we are in the United States, which is a democratic country."



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